JSC "Kuznetsov" is the largest enterprise of aviation and space propulsion engineering.

Modernization and reconstruction of facilities required to meet the challenges of strategic purpose.

January 25, 2012 during a visit to Samara, presidential envoy to the Volga Federal District Mikhail Babich visited one of the largest aviation and space engine of JSC "Kuznetsov". Babich became acquainted with the work of mechanical and gas-turbine assembly plants, aircraft and rocket engine test facilities inspected and held a meeting with the leadership of the company.
Discussing the situation in JSC "Kuznetsov", ambassador said that "now requires renovation and modernization of production facilities for the implementation of strategic programs and objectives, these must be dealt with by the state." In particular, JSC "Kuznetsov" expects appropriate decisions on the organization of mass production of engine NK-33A, which, in turn, is a modification of the legendary "Lunar engine" NK-33 created an outstanding designer Nikolay Kuznetsov Samara for the Soviet lunar rocket almost 40 years ago .
Mikhail Babich said that the prospects of the company has, under the leadership of the "United Engine-Building Corporation" on the company came to the effective management, and "we fully understand what to do, how we can help." As noted at the meeting, the Executive Director of JSC "Kuznetsov" Yuri Eliseev over the past 2.5 years the company failed to repay debts to workers on wages and double the number of orders.
After the meeting, the Volga envoy said: "Today we can talk about the new program gosvooruzheniya adopted until 2020, which implies the existence of orders for the company. Actively developing cooperation with Gazprom, Russian Railways and other customers. The prospects for our engine is. That management scheme, which is now selected, allows the company to become competitive, and the measures to be taken through the state, we will do. "